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Fine Sediment Dynamics and Flocculation under the Influence of Turbulence and Salt Stratification


Fine sediments feature high specific surfaces.  As a result, these particle are very important for chemical reactions in two-phase-flows like in rivers and estuaries with high suspended sediment loads.


The SEDYMO-Project is a German joint project in which all kinds of physical, biological and chemical aspects to the finest sediment particles are investigated.


Our contribution is a physical model investigation in which we can examine the motion and behaviour of sediment particles in an turbulent environment.


Though we are only in the first stages of the project, we plan to build a Differential Turbulence Column (DTC), which simulates the turbulence distribution of an natural river flow without a mean velocity.  In the DTC investigation in different turbulent environments will be conducted to understand the organization of suspended fine sediment particles in a turbulent flow.


Link: experimental facility

Schematic showing a host of processes affecting sediment distribution in a channel flow.

Project Director: Prof. Gerhard H. Jirka, Ph.D.
Research Associates: Dipl.-Ing. Gregor Kühn