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Teaching and Research Facilities


Teaching Lab (outside EFM Web) Pictures of the student hydromechanics laboratory.
Shallow flow basin Large, fully automated shallow flow basin (used in the shallow wakes investigation).
Shallow river flume Wide, automated shallow river flume (used in the groin field investigation).
Turbulence Chamber Turbulence chamber for investigating gas exchange at the air/water interface.
Differential Turbulence Column A fully automated laboratory tank to simulates the turbulence distribution of an natural river flow without a mean velocity (in planning stage for sediment investigation).
Measurement Techniques / Programs Planned web page (under construction) detailing the measurement techniques and computer programs used in our division.
Numerical methods Own codes or commercial applications

Floorplan and elevation view of the Hydromechanics Laboratory at the University of Karlsruhe (click to enlarge).