Environmental Fluid Mechanics 1:
Mass Transfer and Diffusion

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Course Notes

This page to condensed lecture notes and multi-media resources as it has been presented in class by Prof. Scott Socolofsky. 

Lecture /
Lecture 1 Introduction.  Course outline, introduction and examples of transport problems.
Lecture 2 Fick's Law and the Diffusion Equation.  Derivation of the diffusion equation using Fick's law.
Lecture 3 Point Source Solution.  Similarity method solution and comparison with Gaussian distribution.
Lecture 4 Advective-Diffusion Equation.  Derivation of the advective-diffusion (AD) equation using coordinate transformation.
Recitation 1 Diffusion.  Solving diffusion problems using known solutions and superposition.
Lecture 5 Turbulence.  Introduction to turbulence and the mathematical description of turbulence.
Lecture 6 Turbulent Diffusion.  Reynold's averaging, the turbulent AD equation, and turbulent mixing coefficients.
Lecture 7 Longitudinal Dispersion.  Taylor dispersion and derivation of the dispersion coefficient.
Recitation 2 Dispersion.  Taylor dispersion in a pipe.
Lecture 8 Chemical, Physical and Biological Transformation. Transformation and its incorporation in the AD equation.
Lecture 9 Mixing at the Air-Water Interface.  Exchange at the air-water interface and aeration models.
Lecture 10 Mixing at the Sediment-Water Interface.  Exchange at the sediment-water interface.
Lecture 11 Atmospheric Mixing.  Turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer and transport models.
Lecture 12 Water Quality Modeling.  Water quality modeling methodology and introduction to simple transport models.
Recitation 3 Review.  Course review with sample exam problems.




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