Environmental Fluid Mechanics 1:
Mass Transfer and Diffusion


Students studying under the new curriculum can choose one of three exam possibilities:

  1. Take the 120 min written exam im Fach "Umweltfluidmechanik Grundlagen" im Schwerpunkt "Umweltfluidmechanik".  Exam dates will be posted here after they are set.
  2. Organize an oral or written exam together with other courses as an "Ergänzungsfachprüfung".  Exam dates and format must be scheduled with the respective professors.
  3. Take a 30 min oral exam over just this course as a Zusatzfach.  The exam date must be scheduled with Dr.-Ing. Tobias Bleninger or with Prof. G.H. Jirka Ph.D.

Written exams from previous years

To help students prepare for the exam, problems with solutions from previous years are available for download.  Please note that these problems were given under the old curriculum (for the Gruppenprüfung Wasserbau).  Written exams in the new curriculum may have different content.

Year Topic
Dispersion on an instantaneous plane source in a river
Tracer study to calculate the lateral turbulent diffusion coefficient
Instantaneous point source tracer study to determine turbulent diffusion coefficients
Diffusion of a plane source by molecular diffusion
Turbulent atmospheric mixing of a smoke-stack release
Dispersion on an instantaneous plane source in a river
SS2001 No exam given
Inverse calculation of the transport equation to find source of point release




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